Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally... SAFE Baby Products

We’re all aware of the dangers for infants that lurk in common baby care products—even those that claim to be all natural, and green. Unfortunately, until regulations are put into place the situation will remain the same and parents, grandparents, and others who care for babies will have to remain ultra-cautious. However, GreenCupboards has taken the matter to heart, and is dedicated solely to finding truly safe products, which are tested based upon five criteria including toxicity, ingredients, efficacy, manufacturing processes, and packaging (to read more about the criteria see We scour the cosmetics database, manufacturer MSDS sheets (stands for Material Safety Data Sheet), and even employ our very own Dr. Verde, an impartial green chemist, to independently evaluate the products that we certify as safe.

Here are our Baby Bundles, which include all the neat, non toxic necessities you’d hoped you’d find for that darling little one…

Baby Bundle

Nursery Cleaner, Lotion, Non Toxic Shampoo, Bum Wipes, Baby Bum Bar, and Go Away Monster Spray

Ultimate Baby Bundle

Nursery Cleaner, Laundry Wash, Non Toxic Shampoo & Bubble Bath, and Sunscreen

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